Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Vancouver Adventure

I am going to explain my last trip, but maybe tomorrow.
Sorry guys, I was too lazy yesterday to wrote in my blog Anyway. Today I am going to write on it, so came this evening and you will be able to read my Vancouver Adventure on the island.

Well, I'm here again. As I promise, I am going to write about my last weekend in BC.

Last Friday Thais, Philip, Pedro and I, we took the Ferry to Nanaimo at 17:20 hs. After 1 h and 30 min we arrived to Departure Bay at Nanaimo, where a guy was waiting for us with the car that we rented before.
At night falls, we started to drive to Ucluelet, it’s a small fishing village in the other side of the island. When we arrived there, it was raining and all the cheaper hotels and backpackers were closed or full, so we didn’t have any place to slept. We tried to found a dry place to drink and we discovered an abandoned building, some of us went there to check if it was possible to drink inside, and the rest were waiting in the car prepared the mix of Vodka and orange juice. However at that moment a police patrol appeared and they saw us red-handed. As a result, they parked his car close to us and started to ask questions like what are we doing? What we have in the trunk of the car? Suddenly Thais, who was really smart, asked the police “ By the way, where can we find a hotel to spend the night…” This question changed the police topic and, at the end, we didn’t paid any bill.
We drove to another parking lot, far away from the police station and we drunk and slept inside the car because it was raining cats and dogs outside. After several hours we woke up in the car, with all foggy window.
I started the engine of the car to go to ate something for breakfast and when I was driving, all my friends felt that I was still drunk, and they asked my about my health condition. I was really surprise because my answer was “ No, really… well maybe just now I am seeing a nice deer, jumping, just four meters away in the street. And it can’t be possible because we are in the middle of the town.”

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