Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My hobbies

Since I was young, I wanted to be a Zookeeper. For this reason, I always had “pets” in my parents flat, but when I say “pets” I don’t want to mean pets like dogs, hamsters, rabbits or cats. The animal that I used to have was a snake, hens and also, one time one big heavy pink pig. During several years this animals were my best friends, I enjoyed a lot taking care about them. However, when I went to Madrid to study my University degree, I was not allowed to bring with me because, at the beginning, I went to a homestay. Nonetheless I continue with my hobby, on a different way, with the computer game Zoo Tycoon by Sid Mayer (Highly recommended).
Seven years later, I got my own flat, so I was able to continue with my hobby. This time my girlfriend only allowed me to have usual pets like Coddy, a big lazy Labrador dog, or Hugo, my Apalone turtle

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